DHI Hair and Beard Transplant

DHI Hair and Beard Transplant Some define it as the newest method in hair transplantation; some say there is no “recognized” technique called DHI; others claim that it is just a marketing gimmick; while a fraction explain the method as FUE with implanters. The debate continues, with the two
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Post-Operative Hair Wash

Washing will help remove scabs and accelerate the healing process. We will provide you with a shampoo and a lotion for the hair wash procedure.  You should start the post-transplant hair washing process 3 days after the hair transplant operation and follow the instructions once a day for 15
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After Hair Transplant Operation

After hair transplant operation you will have a bandage on your donor part and a hairband around your forehead to avoid the swelling on your face. You will see small scabs in the recipient area and small red holes in the donor area that will heal within 15 days.
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Procedure Day

What to wear on the procedure day? The procedure day: This surgery is performed as a “day case,” so an overnight stay isn’t required, but ask a friend to drive you home after the surgery. It can take from a few hours up to as many as ten hours
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Before Hair Transplant Operation

Instructions For Patients – What to do Before Hair Transplant It is advisable to do your research properly when you are planning for a hair transplant. Some things to look at include:  The qualifications of the doctor: make sure he/she is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with training in
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Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is a procedure done to cure eyebrow loss. Eyebrow loss is generally observed as a result of constantly plucking the same areas of hair within the eyebrow, skin diseases such as alopecia areata, permanent make-up, chemotherapy, etc. After the loss of the eyebrows, there is still a
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Hair Mesotherapy

Hair MESOTHERAPY is not a complementary medicine or an alternative medicine. It is the name of the application of medication by intradermal or subcutaneous injection. The goal of this technique is to bring affected areas and medication application areas closer to each other. How does Hair Mesotherapy treatment work?
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Beard Transplantation​

Beard transplantation is a procedure done on men who are having hair loss in their beard and moustache or who are unable to develop a beard. A man’s beard and mustache, like his hair, are very important to his look. A process called transplantation replaces lost or sparse facial
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What is the cause of your hair loss problem?

Alopecia, or hair loss, can be temporary or permanent and can affect just your scalp or the entirety of your body. It may be brought on by genes, hormonal changes, illnesses, or a typical aspect of aging. Even though anyone can lose hair on their head, men are more
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Why are you losing Hair?

Hair loss can happen to almost anyone, typically it begins in the 20s and 30s. But it’s more likely to affect men more than a woman. Men can suffer from baldness in any part of the body but mainly on the head, meaning excessive hair loss from your scalp.
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