Beard Transplantation​

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Beard transplantation is a procedure done on men who are having hair loss in their beard and moustache or who are unable to develop a beard. A man’s beard and mustache, like his hair, are very important to his look. A process called transplantation replaces lost or sparse facial hair by re-growing hair in certain regions. This surgical technique can be done on the cheeks, beard, sideburns, and goatee and mustache regions. Acne scars and other sorts of face scars can be covered up using facial hair transplants.

The best treatments for testosterone-related beard and mustache hair loss, as well as for men who want thick, symmetrical beards or mustaches, are beard and mustache transplantation.

A beard transplant operation will allow you to regrow your facial hair. The hair must be precisely positioned into tiny, slanted incisions at the same angle and direction of your normal facial hair development, which makes the treatment highly sensitive.

Beard Transplantation
Beard Transplantation

DHI Beard Transplantation​

For beard transplantation, similar to hair transplantation, the DHI technique is used. The follicles situated on the back of the head between the two ears are taken one by one and are implanted in the necessary areas with the help of an implanter pen.

FUE facial transplantation operations are performed under local anesthesia, and just like in hair transplantation, no severe pain or ache is experienced.

There will be no scarring or stitches after the operation.

Beard Transplantation Procedure
Beard Transplantation Procedure


The procedure begins with a doctor’s examination, as with all transplantation operations. Two main things are considered in consultation. First, the need for the recipient area and, secondly, the number of grafts that can be gained from the donor area.


Beard hair growth directions are taken into consideration during the procedure for a successful, natural-looking result.

Like other hair transplant procedures, there are two main parts to the beard transplant procedure: graft extraction and the implementation of grafts to the recipient area.

Donor hair will be taken from the area between the two ears on the back of the neck.


The day after the operation, patients get cleaning and PRP treatment at the clinic. Before you leave the clinic, you will be given specific instructions on points to take into account regarding the post-operative period and you will also be given a demonstration of how to wash your hair.


After one week, the transplanted area will look very natural.

In addition, recovery of the donor area is also fast. In 15 days you will get the appearance you had before the operation.

The recovery instructions are the same as for the FUE hair transplant procedure.

After six months, patients see most of the final result, and in 12–18 months.

It is possible to see facial hair that is both dense and natural looking.

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