Before Hair Transplant Operation

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Instructions For Patients – What to do Before Hair Transplant

It is advisable to do your research properly when you are planning for a hair transplant. Some things to look at include: 

  • The qualifications of the doctor: make sure he/she is a dermatologist or plastic surgeon with training in hair transplant. 
  • The experience of the doctor- check for how long they have been in involved in hair transplant surgery 
  • Check the results and reviews of the doctor

Health Problems to Consider Before a Hair Transplant

Health Problems to Consider Before Hair Transplant

Before the hair transplant procedure, you have to tell the doctors what medications you are using and whether you have allergies. Also, if you have any health problems, please seek prior consultation from your doctor about your planned hair transplantation operation. 


Medications Before Hair Transplant Operation

After you get approval from your primary doctor, stop using aspirin or any other drugs that might thin your blood three days before hair transplantation.

The day before the operation 

Avoid alcohol: Using alcohol may affect the efficiency of local anesthetics that the doctor gives you before the operation.

Avoid smoking: Smoking decreases blood flow to the scalp. At least one day before and one week after your surgery, we recommend you avoid smoking because smoking might cause blood vessel constriction and weak growth of your transplanted hair.

Avoid Alcohol & Smoking
Avoid Alcohol & Smoking

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